Facts and Statistics About Tennessee Veterans

Tennessee is home to many military veterans and their families. These selfless individuals have sacrificed much to serve their country but often receive minimal support from the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans often deal with unique physical and mental health challenges as well as difficulties reentering civilian society. While there are programs and resources dedicated to helping veterans, it’s often hard to find and apply for them.

Tennessee veterans and their family members don’t always get the support they deserve. At The Law Offices of Michael Hartup, we are passionate about helping those who have served our country. We advocate for veterans and help them navigate the claims process for disability compensation. To learn more about how we support veterans and schedule a free consultation, contact us online or call our Jackson office at 731-424-5559.

Statistics: Veterans in Tennessee

According to the Housing Assistance Council (HAC), there are 431,274 veterans living in Tennessee, a number that represents 8.3 percent of the state’s adult population. There are service members representing several different eras, from World War II to the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. The counties with the highest percentage of veterans in the adult population are Stewart, Montgomery, and Cumberland.

Tennessee Veterans Face Unique Challenges

Data from the HAC shows that 7.4 percent of veterans in Tennessee live in poverty. The overall unemployment rate for veterans in the state is 4.7 percent, and younger veterans have higher unemployment rates than those from older generations.

Housing is an issue for some Tennesse veterans. Approximately 56,920 veterans live in homes that have serious problems relating to cost, crowding, and/or quality. The Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that there are 570 homeless veterans in Tennessee.

Resources for Tennessee Veterans

The Tennessee Department of Veterans Services (TDVS) offers benefits and resources to veterans. There are several TDVS offices throughout the state where veterans can go to file benefits claims. The TDVS also provides veterans with information about employment, education, financial literacy, and mental health.

Tennessee homeowners who are veterans with certain service-connected disabilities (e.g. paralysis, blindness, traumatic brain injury, etc.) may qualify for state property tax relief. In some cases, tax relief benefits are extended to surviving spouses of disabled veterans.

VA Disability Claims

Veterans who have suffered injuries or illnesses related to their military service may qualify for disability benefits from the VA. There are several different VA disability benefits programs, including disability compensation payments, concurrent retirement and disability payments, VA pension payments, and special monthly compensation.

The process to apply for VA disability benefits is complicated, and many initial claims are rejected due to errors or missing information. You can appeal a denied claim. An experienced VA disability attorney can help you understand what sort of benefits you may qualify for and assist you with filing your claim or appeal.

Michael Hartup Fights for Veterans and Their Families

We owe so much to the military veterans who have put their lives on the line to defend our country. Unfortunately, many veterans (and their families) are quickly forgotten about by the VA, their military branch, and even their local community. The process to file for VA disability compensation is extremely complicated, and many veterans have their initial application denied even though they meet the qualification requirements.

At The Law Offices of Michael Hartup, we are passionate about supporting Tennessee veterans and their families. Our team has helped countless veterans successfully file for disability compensation. We understand the unique hardships that military families face, and we do everything we can to provide compassionate legal support. To learn about how we can help with your VA disability claim or other legal matters, schedule a free consultation. You can call our Jackson office at 731-424-5559 or use the online contact form.