Helpful Local Resources for Tennessee Veterans

Many military veterans and their families live in Tennessee. These brave individuals have served their country, often at the expense of their physical and/or mental health. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for veterans to get the help and support they deserve. 

There are many private and government resources for veterans, including disability benefits programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, it’s not always clear how to access them. 

At The Law Offices of Michael Hartup, we are passionate about helping Tennessee veterans and their families get the support and benefits they deserve. We’ve compiled a list of resources that can improve the quality of life for veterans and their family members.

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Tennessee Veterans Services Offices

The state of Tennesse has its own Department of Veterans Services (TDVS). There are 14 field offices throughout the state, and Tennessee has four veterans cemeteries as well. Veterans can visit a field office to file a claim for federal benefits and get information about state and local resources. 

The TDVS doesn’t just help veterans access federal VA benefits. This department also offers Tennessee veterans many state-sponsored benefits, including property tax relief for disabled homeowners, discounted rates at state parks, and veteran burial benefits.

Veteran Societies in Tennessee

It’s often helpful for veterans to have a safe place where they can meet and communicate with other service members who share similar experiences. The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) organization has a Tennessee department that offers support and resources to members. There is also a Tennessee branch of the American Legion, which offers similar services.

Mental Health Resources for Tennessee Veterans

It’s not uncommon for veterans to experience mental health issues following their service. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and panic disorder are some of the mental illnesses that affect many service members. 

The VA provides a confidential Crisis Line for veterans and family members. Along with online support, there is a phone number (800-273-8255 Press 1) and a text option: 838255. Tennessee also has a 24/7 Crisis Line for mental health emergencies. To connect to this free service, call 855-274-7471 or visit the website.

Therapy is often helpful for veterans who are struggling with mental health issues. Psychology Today maintains a list of mental health therapists and psychiatrists in Tennessee. You can get more information about the state’s licensure requirements for psychologists on the Tennessee Department of Health website.

Addiction Help for Tennessee Veterans

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is something that many veterans struggle with. According to the National Center for PTSD, there is a strong correlation between PTSD and Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Statistics show that over 20 percent of veterans with PTSD also have SUD. Approximately 10 percent of veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who access VA resources have problems with alcohol or drugs.

There are many resources for veterans who want to overcome addiction:

Addiction can have lifelong consequences for veterans and their families, but there are many paths to freedom.

Veteran Education and Retraining

Many veterans find it challenging to transition from the military into a civilian career. The TDVS provides information about many educational programs that are designed to help veterans advance their civilian careers:

VA Disability Claims

Military members who become injured or ill in the course of service may qualify for disability benefits through the VA. There are many different VA programs for disability benefits. Some programs offer special monthly compensation whereas others provide VA pension or disability compensation payments. 

The eligibility requirements for VA disability benefits can be confusing, and the claims process is complicated. Many legitimate claims are rejected because of simple errors or missing documentation. There is an appeals process for denied claims, but it’s also complicated. Many veterans choose to work with a VA disability attorney who can explain the claims process and help them understand what sort of benefits they’re eligible for.

Michael Hartup Advocates for Veterans

Military veterans deserve a great deal of gratitude for their selfless service. While Tennessee offers several resources to resident veterans and their families, it’s not always easy to find them. And many veterans find that applying for VA disability benefits can take months, and claims are often denied.At The Law Offices of Michael Hartup, we believe that veterans and their families deserve our respect and support. We have helped many Tennessee veterans successfully file VA disability claims and appeals, and we’re ready to discuss your situation. Call our Jackson office at 731-424-5559 or use the online contact form to schedule a free consultation.